About Us

I want to thank you for visiting TheCleedus.com I am Clarence Lee (C-Lee) the CEO, born and raised in San Francisco California. The purpose of our brand is to MOTIVATE and INSPIRE. Growing up in a time where ignorance is glorified and individuality is rare we are here to be LEADERS and Role Models to those who come after us.

We pride ourselves on not only putting out truth and honesty but actually LIVING by what we put out. All our products are full of substance and honesty we put all of our lives into ART and present it to the people. We pride ourselves in Individuality and originality and since we first launched in 2010 we have learned the people RESPECT the honesty in our brand.

 We are based in a small city called Pittsburg California and i want to thank the people of this city and neighbor city Antioch for showing so much love and support and helping us grow. To be based in such a small place our brand has been  seen on national platform on several occasions and that taught is what is possible when PEOPLE come together for a HONEST purpose. 

So i want to thank all the supporters in the 925 and ALL over the world who have lead us to where we are now. i also want to thank head designer Ras Martin one of the most humblest and creative people i have ever met in my entire life i want to thank him for the long nights of work and CLASSIC art that we are constantly putting out

In closing i want to give all praise and glory to GOD for the numerous blessing and constant learning and humbling experiences, i also want to remind everybody who is reading this that you are important and you have potential to inspire and that is part of the reason for your existence and please never forget that