"Stories By Vijay" May 20 2013

 Vijay Tidwell is interesting human let me explain why. Vijay is a young man of many talents from Track and Field, Photography, College Graduate, YouTube Sensation (Class of Mv) just to name of few. You may have seen some of his incredibly funny videos where he is impersonating superstar rapper "2 Chainz". We here at respect Vijay highly thats why we sponsor him cause he represents what we stand for. Recently while I was being nosey on Instagram i seen a very insipring story by Vijay i asked him to send it to me its about a cancer survivor he met Please Read: 

Met a very inspirational man over the weekend. He is a 23 year old cancer 
survivor. He debuted a film about his fight with the deadly disease and how he 
conquered. What I found so inspirational about this kid was that even after he 
beat cancer, he didn't hesitate to give back to the community and inspire others 
who may suffer from the same issues. I didnt even know him before the weekend as 
more than a fan of my youtube videos but it was only right to support someone as 
positive as himself. I wore the "Motivate and Inspire" tee as representation of 
all the good people out there doing something positive to impact our's and 
future generations. 
- Vijay aka @iamvididdy


I thought this was very dope. Im a big fan of when people can be inspired by each other and we people can share their struggles with the world. 
Its VERY easy to start looking for sympathy or pity.
It takes courage to put your life out to be seen by the masses.
 In the words of the great Heavy D "BE INSPIRED"

Check out Vijay rockin the Motivate and Inspire tee and 
David Carcamo rockin that Classic He Who Has The Gold Makes The Rules crewneck.