"Things I Learned/ Update on The Progress" October 10 2013

Haven't wrote a blog post in a minute been working on our new location in Antioch Ca we are really excited to be able to have a place our supporters can come and talk to us and ask questions and vibe with us and support our art. Beside that great news I been going through a lot of different experiences some good some bad but all very humbling. Im not going to get too personal on this one but i will say when dealing with people who do not know you it can be very humbling also when you feel overlooked that can be very humbling but also VERY inspiring. I also now know where a lot of highly successful people get the "chip on the shoulder" mentality from it comes from feeling undervalued and unappreciated which gives them the added motivation to be GREAT. These are just a few things i learned since i wrote the last blog. I just wanted to keep my supporters updated follow me on twitter and instagram @TheCleedus or




"No Wealth In The Hood" Follow up by Matthew Wulukau June 25 2013

 The last blog we posted got a few responses digging deeper into the issues and solutions to Wealth in the urban communities.I felt it was appropriate to post this now with the excessive amount of crime and murder going on this week. So i want to introduce a Morehouse Graduate brother Matthew Wulukau very intelligent young man and active in our community. 


Greetings Clarence

From San francisco CA-

I hope this email finds you in good spirits.

I am excited about the eagerness you have to raise awareness in our
underserved communities.

I believe it's extremely imperative for African Americans (Blacks) to wake up!!!

1st we must gain a sense of self identity.
We must know who we are as individuals & a people.

2nd we must understand the face value of the dollar and find out how
(Money) actually works.
We must learn about credit, bonds, stocks, mutual funds, Hedge funds
Roth IRA, Life Insurance, especially Life Insurance. Life Insurance
can be used as a source to generate revenue.

In addition to that we must obtain  EDUCATION. We must have general
knowledge about everything. If we do these things we can control who
we put in office. It's Money that elects our leaders not votes. (pay
attention)!!!  If we practice these things we can have enough Money
generated to where we can rebuild our community's we can educate our
own. We can have enough to sustain ourselves. ( Underserved community

Why is it that we don't do business with each other but rather spend
with every other race?
Why is it that we are the number 1 Consumer with over a total of 800
Billion Dollars in expenditures. ( Clothes, Shoes, Cars, Bling etc...


Matthew Wulukau Jr

"No Wealth In The Hood" June 19 2013

    I was doing some reflecting on where i come from which is the HOOD and started to think of some of the benefits i gained. The Hood is a great place to build character it  forces you to mature quickly and be independent and in that sense its a beautiful place. But there is a darker side to the hood that is RARELY spoken upon you hear about the crime and violence but i want to dig deeper than that i want to talk about what causes most of the violence and crime. I want to to talk about WEALTH in the hood. See in America and around the world a majority of WEALTH is sustained and passed down from generation to generation And in order to SURVIVE in this country we call AMERICA a certain amount of wealth needs to be acquired. In the hood there is no WEALTH so whats passed down is poverty which is very damaging to the community. There is no real estate being passed down there is no businesses being passed down and there is no money for education being passed down NO assets are being passed down so its no foundation for the next generation to build upon. I use to think focusing too much on wealth was somewhat evil but what i learned was the exact opposite.I learned that all COMMUNITIES where there is poverty its high crime rates and highly mis-educated people so in actuality we do need to focus on wealth.What we need to do is 1. Start to educate ourselves on how to build WEALTH its libraries full of books teaching how to build wealth we must learn then TEACH 2. Start to acquire assets (things that make us money) such as Real estate,Stocks and Bonds or Small Businesses this will not only build wealth for ourselves but give our generation after us a foundation to build upon and Elevate. 3. we have to support the people from our communities go read my previous blog speaking on the importance of support it makes things GO. if you don't support your own who will?

    In conclusion i want to say NEVER forget where you come from and be proud of who you are BUT also study your environment and learn whats really going on and WHY its going on. The hood is a great place it has created millions of brilliant minds and some of the strongest most Charismatic people in the world. On the other hand if we are not using none of these incredible characteristics that we learned from the hood to progress we are doing ourselves and community a disservice. When it comes to building wealth what hood you from does not matter when you trying to buy a home your hood doesn't matter when it comes to putting our children in college what hood your from doesn't matter thats why we must take what we learned from the hood and implement the knowledge outside of the hood and use it to better our community. It has to be about more than ourselves but about our community as a whole. Blessings to you all-C.lee

Loyalty to What's Relevant and Respect to What's Popular? June 13 2013

 Today i want to ASK the readers some questions because i am so confused. My first question is WHAT IS LOYALTY? i have my own views on the word loyalty but i am asking you all to help me out,i ask because i don't see what I think is loyalty that often. What i see is whatever is relevant thats what the majority is "loyal" to i see it in MUSIC,SPORTS,FASHION even Technology. I see we as a group are loyal to whats relevant and when its no longer relevant we are "LOYAL" to the next thing relevant. What i respect is in the time frame of our temporary loyalty we are DIE HARD loyal which is dope but ONCE its runs its course we are die hard loyal for the next thing, this brings me to my next question. IS IT POSSIBLE FOR LOYALTY TO BE TEMPORARY? here is a great example of what i mean in this question in sports i noticed when the season is in full effect AND if a particular team is winning the fans are DIE HARD we buy their flags and put them on our cars we but their clothes we represent daily. Soon as the season is over OR if the team loses all the support stops immediately. I used sports as an example this happens in ALL WALKS OF LIFE this brings me to my last question on LOYALTY are we as a generation so insecure or are we losing so bad that we will compromise our MORALS to feel apart of a winning team? These are some things i don't understand so i am asking YOU for help. Now lets talk about RESPECT

    When i think of Respect i think of words like honorable,courageous ,honest, Honest,brave,wise etc etc. Now it's a popular saying it goes "you cant buy respect" which i felt was true because cant buy any of the attributes previously mentioned BUT that NO LONGER the case you can buy RESPECT because it seems these days we respect whatever is popular. It could be degrading,evil, fake,disrespectful and it seems if the right people co-sign it we as a whole have a certain level of respect for it. So my first question what does it take to earn your respect? for you personally what do you respect? In one of my earlier blogs "Shut  Up Its Good For You" i talked about the importance of RESEARCH and that applies again now. Your RESPECT you give is important and of value so before you just give it away do some research cause it maybe something that goes against your whole belief system or it may just be flat out FAKE. in closing i encourage us all to take a deeper look at ourselves (including me) and really learn our values and morals and be loyal to them and don't compromise them in order to feel apart of something our loyalty,support and respect are of high value and need to be carefully distributed throughout life. Be Great and blessings to you all-C.lee

"WORK ETHIC" June 10 2013

 Lets get right into it the words "Success" and "Grind" are thrown around loosely in the year 2013 everybody is on the grind and everybody wants to be successful. You see the countless INSPIRATIONAL "memes" online and everybody is trying to make it "to the top". All this is great i love seeing motivated people but here is where i have cause of concern, NOBODY WANTS TO WORK!!!!!! I talk to a number of people and we all came to the conclusion that a majority of us just do not want to work. Its a real "something for nothing" epidemic going on these days especially with our youth. We make time for EVERYTHING we want to do or feel like like doing but when its time to really work we pull out a long list of excuses. In my personal opinion i feel like if you have time to "kick it" or "hang out"  or party you should definitely have time to work. This is is all apart of the necessary SACRIFICE of achieving worthy goals. As simple as all this sounds I was shocked when i noticed how often its NOT applied. Here is my story:Ok so i have had the pleasure to live in the "ghetto" and the suburbs and i BELIEVED that the "suburbs" was a place with a healthier environment to create a better opportunity (which it is). BUT you would be amazed at how many young people in the suburbs DO NOT take advantage of this opportunity and after extensive hands on research and conversations the common factor was "WORK ETHIC". I believe so many people here are comfortable in a good situation they either don't know how or don't want to put in the necessary work it takes to accomplish any real goals. Whats sad is its a lot of extremely talented people here (also in the hood but thats for another time) they just refuse to work and the excuses run a MILE and usually not even important excuses they just clearly do not want to work. We have the perfect opportunity to do great things but instead we got to "kickbacks" (thats a big thing in the suburbs) and many other un-important activities. In closing if you do not get anything from this article get this, ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING takes sacrifice, there is NO something for NOTHING its not real delete that thought and any thoughts like it,and finally Work Hard yes it sucks and you get tired but understand you were put in a situation to succeed and do great things take full advantage of that and create that situation for the next generation.-C.lee

 Here is a pic of a classic tee from the C.lee brand "Work Like A Slave Eat Like a King"

"LUST"...its ART May 27 2013


Here is a preview of our "LUST" design. This design came about when me and designer Ras had a discussion about being HONEST with the supporters. We felt like if we are going to be a honest brand we have to tell the FULL story the good the bad and the ugly. I believe being honest with your struggles is a very inspiring thing cause a lot of the time its somebody going through the same thing or even worse. So this brings me to the concept "LUST", Lust in the dictionary is described as "a intense longing",  what we did here was paint a picture of one of the most common forms of Lust let me explain: see we have our CHARACTER looking up at a woman in curiosity which is very deep cause it shows how and where it begins Lust starts with a vision and curiosity and then it intensifies into a desire and it begins when we are VERY young we just don't realize what it is until we mature. The woman represents the BOLDNESS and TEMPTATION that we are all presented with daily.This design is crazy dope but what i enjoy is the substance and honesty this topic has been heavy on my heart and really hits home for us and others. To all the long time supporters of the C.lee brand i don't want you to think we are promoting fornication or glorifying LUST no that is not our objective. we are simply being honest in a common struggle of ours and others we hope you all receive this message and understand what we are trying to accomplish.ITS ART. be INSPIRED

Release Date May 30th 2013

"Stories By Vijay" May 20 2013

 Vijay Tidwell is interesting human let me explain why. Vijay is a young man of many talents from Track and Field, Photography, College Graduate, YouTube Sensation (Class of Mv) just to name of few. You may have seen some of his incredibly funny videos where he is impersonating superstar rapper "2 Chainz". We here at respect Vijay highly thats why we sponsor him cause he represents what we stand for. Recently while I was being nosey on Instagram i seen a very insipring story by Vijay i asked him to send it to me its about a cancer survivor he met Please Read: 

Met a very inspirational man over the weekend. He is a 23 year old cancer 
survivor. He debuted a film about his fight with the deadly disease and how he 
conquered. What I found so inspirational about this kid was that even after he 
beat cancer, he didn't hesitate to give back to the community and inspire others 
who may suffer from the same issues. I didnt even know him before the weekend as 
more than a fan of my youtube videos but it was only right to support someone as 
positive as himself. I wore the "Motivate and Inspire" tee as representation of 
all the good people out there doing something positive to impact our's and 
future generations. 
- Vijay aka @iamvididdy


I thought this was very dope. Im a big fan of when people can be inspired by each other and we people can share their struggles with the world. 
Its VERY easy to start looking for sympathy or pity.
It takes courage to put your life out to be seen by the masses.
 In the words of the great Heavy D "BE INSPIRED"

Check out Vijay rockin the Motivate and Inspire tee and 
David Carcamo rockin that Classic He Who Has The Gold Makes The Rules crewneck.

"SHUT UP".....its GOOD for YOU May 16 2013

 I often speak with my peers from all walks of life and everybody has found it difficult to deal with a specific type of person. The type of person I am speaking of is what i call "Extra Opinionated". These "Extra Opinionated" people usually mean well and genuinely want to help which everyone can appreciate. But sometimes these people can be a bit much to deal with. "Extra Opinionated" people sometimes can start to ramble on and on about things they have no knowledge of at ALL and can come off ignorant but confident in their ignorance. These people all of a sudden turn into professionals in every field and every walk of life and when it gets difficult when they ATTEMPT to force their ignorance on YOU. Most people don't want to be rude so you go along with it because you know they believe their own ignorance so much and they enjoy sharing this ignorance with you so much that if you gave them facts they would not understand it anyway. So here is how we fix this cause i am a person who LOVES to give his opinion this is what we do before we speak on a topic lets RESEARCH it or have a detailed experience to back up the opinion we are giving. If we have no knowledge of a certain topic lets SHUT UP and admit we really don't know what we are talking about it is nothing wrong with NOT knowing something, you take time out to learn is the beauty of not knowing. (ex: my punctuation is horrible but writing these blogs has inspired me to learn) moral of the story SHUT UP and learn before you speak. thank you and blessings to you all


"Non-Stop Support" May 14 2013

Its really a great feeling knowing that people support you and want to see you prosper. Support is a key factor to any type of growth or progression in all walks of life. Support keeps you going when you face challenges and you have no idea how you are going to conquer them. Support motivates you when you are tired and un-motivated to do anything. Support also puts a certain amount of pressure on you to LIVE up to the expectations of the people who support you. I feel if people support you especially when they don't have to its your job to not let them down and work hard to let them know that what they did for you wasn't in vain. From experience i have supported people to find out a little later they are doing something else or have just given up on what i believed in them to accomplish and you almost feel scammed or used and thats NEVER a good thing. So i want to take time out to thank ALL the C.lee Brand supporters and want to let you know you guys inspire us and motivate us to continue on no matter how tough it may get. THANK YOU ALL. here is a few i had the pleasure of meeting up with this past few days

Aftermath Of Mothers Day!!! May 13 2013

 Yesterday i spent quality time with my family for Mothers Day and there was a point where we started to speak on some of the things we appreciate about our mother and  noticed how proud and inspired my mother seem to be as we expressed how we felt. This made me remember something that i have heard over and over again and thats GRATITUDE aka APPRECIATION. Often we forget to appreciate others cause we forget to appreciate OURSELVES. Its very motivating when you sit back and remember some of the great things you have accomplished it inspires you to do more great things. Don't get this confused with being self-centered because its a very thin line but sometimes you have to remember you can and HAVE done some great things and you can do many more great things. Well thats all for now so moral of the story find ways to motivate yourself one way is to remember some of the great things you have done already. Have a good week and beinspired to be great

WELCOME BACK!!!!!!!!!! March 19 2013

I want to Welcome everybody to the Re-Launch of we have a new look,new art,new strategy, new presentation and much more we have been working hard trying to get everything right for all the supporters of the C.lee Brand and we finally here. I want to thank all the supporters for their patience. I hope you all Enjoy this classic clothing we put out.