"Things I Learned/ Update on The Progress" October 10 2013

Haven't wrote a blog post in a minute been working on our new location in Antioch Ca we are really excited to be able to have a place our supporters can come and talk to us and ask questions and vibe with us and support our art. Beside that great news I been going through a lot of different experiences some good some bad but all very humbling. Im not going to get too personal on this one but i will say when dealing with people who do not know you it can be very humbling also when you feel overlooked that can be very humbling but also VERY inspiring. I also now know where a lot of highly successful people get the "chip on the shoulder" mentality from it comes from feeling undervalued and unappreciated which gives them the added motivation to be GREAT. These are just a few things i learned since i wrote the last blog. I just wanted to keep my supporters updated follow me on twitter and instagram @TheCleedus or facebook.com/iloveclee