Loyalty to What's Relevant and Respect to What's Popular? June 13 2013

 Today i want to ASK the readers some questions because i am so confused. My first question is WHAT IS LOYALTY? i have my own views on the word loyalty but i am asking you all to help me out,i ask because i don't see what I think is loyalty that often. What i see is whatever is relevant thats what the majority is "loyal" to i see it in MUSIC,SPORTS,FASHION even Technology. I see we as a group are loyal to whats relevant and when its no longer relevant we are "LOYAL" to the next thing relevant. What i respect is in the time frame of our temporary loyalty we are DIE HARD loyal which is dope but ONCE its runs its course we are die hard loyal for the next thing, this brings me to my next question. IS IT POSSIBLE FOR LOYALTY TO BE TEMPORARY? here is a great example of what i mean in this question in sports i noticed when the season is in full effect AND if a particular team is winning the fans are DIE HARD we buy their flags and put them on our cars we but their clothes we represent daily. Soon as the season is over OR if the team loses all the support stops immediately. I used sports as an example this happens in ALL WALKS OF LIFE this brings me to my last question on LOYALTY are we as a generation so insecure or are we losing so bad that we will compromise our MORALS to feel apart of a winning team? These are some things i don't understand so i am asking YOU for help. Now lets talk about RESPECT

    When i think of Respect i think of words like honorable,courageous ,honest, Honest,brave,wise etc etc. Now it's a popular saying it goes "you cant buy respect" which i felt was true because cant buy any of the attributes previously mentioned BUT that NO LONGER the case you can buy RESPECT because it seems these days we respect whatever is popular. It could be degrading,evil, fake,disrespectful and it seems if the right people co-sign it we as a whole have a certain level of respect for it. So my first question what does it take to earn your respect? for you personally what do you respect? In one of my earlier blogs "Shut  Up Its Good For You" i talked about the importance of RESEARCH and that applies again now. Your RESPECT you give is important and of value so before you just give it away do some research cause it maybe something that goes against your whole belief system or it may just be flat out FAKE. in closing i encourage us all to take a deeper look at ourselves (including me) and really learn our values and morals and be loyal to them and don't compromise them in order to feel apart of something our loyalty,support and respect are of high value and need to be carefully distributed throughout life. Be Great and blessings to you all-C.lee