"WORK ETHIC" June 10 2013

 Lets get right into it the words "Success" and "Grind" are thrown around loosely in the year 2013 everybody is on the grind and everybody wants to be successful. You see the countless INSPIRATIONAL "memes" online and everybody is trying to make it "to the top". All this is great i love seeing motivated people but here is where i have cause of concern, NOBODY WANTS TO WORK!!!!!! I talk to a number of people and we all came to the conclusion that a majority of us just do not want to work. Its a real "something for nothing" epidemic going on these days especially with our youth. We make time for EVERYTHING we want to do or feel like like doing but when its time to really work we pull out a long list of excuses. In my personal opinion i feel like if you have time to "kick it" or "hang out"  or party you should definitely have time to work. This is is all apart of the necessary SACRIFICE of achieving worthy goals. As simple as all this sounds I was shocked when i noticed how often its NOT applied. Here is my story:Ok so i have had the pleasure to live in the "ghetto" and the suburbs and i BELIEVED that the "suburbs" was a place with a healthier environment to create a better opportunity (which it is). BUT you would be amazed at how many young people in the suburbs DO NOT take advantage of this opportunity and after extensive hands on research and conversations the common factor was "WORK ETHIC". I believe so many people here are comfortable in a good situation they either don't know how or don't want to put in the necessary work it takes to accomplish any real goals. Whats sad is its a lot of extremely talented people here (also in the hood but thats for another time) they just refuse to work and the excuses run a MILE and usually not even important excuses they just clearly do not want to work. We have the perfect opportunity to do great things but instead we got to "kickbacks" (thats a big thing in the suburbs) and many other un-important activities. In closing if you do not get anything from this article get this, ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING takes sacrifice, there is NO something for NOTHING its not real delete that thought and any thoughts like it,and finally Work Hard yes it sucks and you get tired but understand you were put in a situation to succeed and do great things take full advantage of that and create that situation for the next generation.-C.lee

 Here is a pic of a classic tee from the C.lee brand "Work Like A Slave Eat Like a King"