"LUST"...its ART May 27 2013


Here is a preview of our "LUST" design. This design came about when me and designer Ras had a discussion about being HONEST with the supporters. We felt like if we are going to be a honest brand we have to tell the FULL story the good the bad and the ugly. I believe being honest with your struggles is a very inspiring thing cause a lot of the time its somebody going through the same thing or even worse. So this brings me to the concept "LUST", Lust in the dictionary is described as "a intense longing",  what we did here was paint a picture of one of the most common forms of Lust let me explain: see we have our CHARACTER looking up at a woman in curiosity which is very deep cause it shows how and where it begins Lust starts with a vision and curiosity and then it intensifies into a desire and it begins when we are VERY young we just don't realize what it is until we mature. The woman represents the BOLDNESS and TEMPTATION that we are all presented with daily.This design is crazy dope but what i enjoy is the substance and honesty this topic has been heavy on my heart and really hits home for us and others. To all the long time supporters of the C.lee brand i don't want you to think we are promoting fornication or glorifying LUST no that is not our objective. we are simply being honest in a common struggle of ours and others we hope you all receive this message and understand what we are trying to accomplish.ITS ART. be INSPIRED

Release Date May 30th 2013