"SHUT UP".....its GOOD for YOU May 16 2013

 I often speak with my peers from all walks of life and everybody has found it difficult to deal with a specific type of person. The type of person I am speaking of is what i call "Extra Opinionated". These "Extra Opinionated" people usually mean well and genuinely want to help which everyone can appreciate. But sometimes these people can be a bit much to deal with. "Extra Opinionated" people sometimes can start to ramble on and on about things they have no knowledge of at ALL and can come off ignorant but confident in their ignorance. These people all of a sudden turn into professionals in every field and every walk of life and when it gets difficult when they ATTEMPT to force their ignorance on YOU. Most people don't want to be rude so you go along with it because you know they believe their own ignorance so much and they enjoy sharing this ignorance with you so much that if you gave them facts they would not understand it anyway. So here is how we fix this cause i am a person who LOVES to give his opinion this is what we do before we speak on a topic lets RESEARCH it or have a detailed experience to back up the opinion we are giving. If we have no knowledge of a certain topic lets SHUT UP and admit we really don't know what we are talking about it is nothing wrong with NOT knowing something, you take time out to learn is the beauty of not knowing. (ex: my punctuation is horrible but writing these blogs has inspired me to learn) moral of the story SHUT UP and learn before you speak. thank you and blessings to you all