"Non-Stop Support" May 14 2013

Its really a great feeling knowing that people support you and want to see you prosper. Support is a key factor to any type of growth or progression in all walks of life. Support keeps you going when you face challenges and you have no idea how you are going to conquer them. Support motivates you when you are tired and un-motivated to do anything. Support also puts a certain amount of pressure on you to LIVE up to the expectations of the people who support you. I feel if people support you especially when they don't have to its your job to not let them down and work hard to let them know that what they did for you wasn't in vain. From experience i have supported people to find out a little later they are doing something else or have just given up on what i believed in them to accomplish and you almost feel scammed or used and thats NEVER a good thing. So i want to take time out to thank ALL the C.lee Brand supporters and want to let you know you guys inspire us and motivate us to continue on no matter how tough it may get. THANK YOU ALL. here is a few i had the pleasure of meeting up with this past few days