Aftermath Of Mothers Day!!! May 13 2013

 Yesterday i spent quality time with my family for Mothers Day and there was a point where we started to speak on some of the things we appreciate about our mother and  noticed how proud and inspired my mother seem to be as we expressed how we felt. This made me remember something that i have heard over and over again and thats GRATITUDE aka APPRECIATION. Often we forget to appreciate others cause we forget to appreciate OURSELVES. Its very motivating when you sit back and remember some of the great things you have accomplished it inspires you to do more great things. Don't get this confused with being self-centered because its a very thin line but sometimes you have to remember you can and HAVE done some great things and you can do many more great things. Well thats all for now so moral of the story find ways to motivate yourself one way is to remember some of the great things you have done already. Have a good week and beinspired to be great